Menswear trends rocking Chicago

Chicago’s quickly becoming a hotbed for up-and-coming retailers, designers, and fashion moguls but if you aren’t one of them, navigating the world of clothing may prove to be challenging. In the past few years, menswear has been a changing landscape for fashion.

Recently, menswear has seen an uptick in fashion conscious retailers and men have begun to adopt newer trends into their wardrobe. Hermès’ Creative Director, Véronique Nichanian was recently in Chicago to celebrate the launch of Hermès’ online website that showcases their extensive menswear offerings, CS Magazine reports. Nichanian explains that he feels for the needs of men and wants to reach out to them with Hermès’ spirit.

It may be one thing to notice that men are becoming more and more fashionable, but where does one start to build his wardrobe? GQ Magazine has an extensive list of over fifty items that men should definitely own this fall season-everything from cashmere hoodies to shearling lined boots.

To further tickle your menswear fancy, Michigan Avenue Magazine has compiled a list of ten tips from custom clothiers to help make a man’s life easier. One surprising tip is to use bread twist-ties in the case of forgotten cufflinks.

“Men’s fashion trends today consist mostly of the dark washed jeans or chinos paired with a nice pair of suede or leather boots, a nice button down shirt in softer colors, and topping it off with a sweater or light jacket,” said Eric Baze, 20 year-old Chicago resident and fashion aficionado.



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