An Interview with Allie Barke


Allie Barke, a Business Administration major at DePaul University and owner of Allie’s Fashion Alley talks about the ins and outs of what it’s like behind the scenes of blogging. “There’s a lot that people don’t see,” Barke said. “I even hired my own photographer from Craigslist to take high-quality photos.”


Barke talks a lot about how she would like fashion blogging to be her full time career after school. She blogs mostly about fashion but has dabbled in lifestyle as well. “Currently my concentration is in entrepreneurship, but I would love for blogging to be my career,” Barke said.


Barke rebuffs haters of fashion by saying that it isn’t materialistic, but a channel for people to feel good about themselves, “The way I look at it is, if I look cute or like my outfit that day, I feel good about myself, but if it’s the opposite, my confidence may be lower.”


Barke dons a pair of faux snake skin boots from Topshop, noting that she’s recently become obsessed with them. “I honestly don’t know what shoes I wore before I owned these, that’s how much I’ve been wearing them,” she said.


Barke wears a simple and put-together outfit great for a day of classes and running errands.  A skirt with buttons on the front, a tote bag for all her toting needs, and a classic trench make up the foundation of her city-sleek look that is complemented by electric blue nail polish and a statement ring.

Finalstory4 Stopping in the middle of a Lincoln Park sidewalk to take some photos, Barke comments on how weird it can be to take photos in such populated areas, “I never know how to pose and there are always people passing through, it can be so awkward sometimes when I’m shooting looks for my blog.”


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